Appeal to Tradition

Just because things have “always” been a certain way, or been that way for a long time, you cannot draw the conclusion that these things necessarily have to be or should be that way.

“Would you explain this business of armed body guards and not speaking to persons of ‘inferior rank’?” Kirk made no attempt to hide his anger from Montoya.

“It’s just their way of doing things, Captain.” Montoya smiled. “Their culture is deeply rooted in the militaristic traditions of their past.”

Enemy Unseen pg. 9

The fallacious appeal to tradition here is on that is all to common on Earth throughout history, and today. The notion that some groups of people are morally or socially inferior to others is not support by fact nor has any sound, valid argument been made for its defense.

There are times when culture traditions should be respected, but just being a cultural tradition is not enough justification.

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