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“Lieutenant D’Sora just gave me what could be considered a very passionate kiss in the torpedo bay”.

Lt. Cmdr. Data
“In Theory”

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Kirk has left the Enterprise on an away mission and place Dr. McCoy in command. A Klingon vessel approaches …

[over communications]

“I have long waited my chance to meet the famous Kirk,” [Klingon commander Kaiev] said.

Not another one, McCoy thought. How do the hell does Jim stand it? “Sorry, he said, lacing his hands behind his head and leaning back. “You just missed him.”

“Missed him?” the Klingon said, looking for a moment slightly bemused. “We did not fire.”

Doctor’s Orders pg 120

Sometime idioms can cause confusion. The verb “to miss” broadly means to not have yourself of something in the right place at the right time. McCoy Uses the common idiom “you just missed him” to say that Kirk left the ship a short time ago. However, the Klingon, not familiar with this usage of the word assumes McCoy is referring to a miss with a disruptor or torpedo.

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