This Week in Star Trek History

January 17

Actor Nancy Parsons born (1942) in St. Paul, MN.

Actor Isa Briones born (1999) in London, England.

Actor Albert Hendersonborn passes away (2004) at the age of 88.

Episode Premieres
TOS- The Mark of Gideon (1969)
DS9- A Man Alone (1993)
TNG- Homeward (1994)
VOY- Shattered (2001)
DISCO- Brother (2019)

In Universe
Ro Laren born

Shari Lewis (writer)- 1933
Maggie Ostroff (editor)- 1935
Robert F. Shugrue (editor)- 1937
Nancy Parsons (actor)- 1942
Richard Taylor (model maker)- 1944
Neil Maffin (actor)- 1959
Robert Sidney Mellette (background actor)- 1962
Dave Rossi (PA, producer, actor)- 1965
Jeffrey Chase (actor)- 1968
Brita Nowak background actor)- 1968
Isa Briones (actor)- 1999

Dick Dial (stunt person)- 1992
Nicholas Corea (writer)- 1999
Gordon Belljohns Love (author)- 2001
Albert Henderson (actor)- 2004
Noble Willingham (actor)- 2004
Nicole Frank (hair stylist)- 2013

January 18

Photographed Civil War Soldier Lewis R. Stegman born (1839) in born Brooklyn, New York City.

Author, actor and commentaror “Dr. Trek” Larry Nemecek born (1959) in born Norman, OK.

Actor Sarah Marshall passes away (2004) at the age of 70.

Episode Premieres
TNG- Datalore (1988)

Lewis R. Stegman (photograph)- 1839
Dick Durock (stunt person)- 1937
Jamie Alcroft (voive actor)- 1949
“Dr. Trek” Larry Nemecek (author, commentator, actor)1959
Jeff Yagher (actor)- 1961
Maulik Pancholy (actor)- 1974
Jon De Leon (actor)- 1977
Jandi Swanson (actor)- 1978

Sarah Marshall (actor)- 2014
Robert Sampson (actor)- 2020

January 19

TOS Episode Arena premieres (1967).

Actor Fritz Weaver born (1926) in Pittsburgh, PA.

Actor Miguel José Ferrer passes away (2007) at the age of 61.

Episode Premieres
TOS- Arena (1967)
TOS- The Immunity Syndrome (1968)
VOY- Blink of an Eye (2000)

Johnny Haymer (actor)- 1920
Matthew Yuricich (matte painter)- 1923
Fritz Weaver (actor)- 1926
Lee Delano (actor)- 1931
Dorothy Hack (background actor)- 1939
Reiner Schöne (actor)- 1942
David Youse (actor)- 1966
Christopher Canole (background actor)- year unknown
Jenny Frison (background actor)- unknown year

Chuck Courtney (stunt person)- 2000
Cal Bolder (actor)- 2005
Miguel Ferrer (actor)- 2017

January 20

Actor DeForest Kelley born (1920) in Atlanta, GA.

Actor Rainn Wilson born (1966) in Seattle, WA.

Episode Premieres
VOY- Latent Image (1999)

DeForest Kelley (actor)- 1920
Bernard A. Widin (production supervisor)- 1920
Don M. Mankiewicz (writer)- 1922
William Wellman, Jr. (actor)- 1937
Geno Silva (actor)- 1948
Daniel Benzali (actor)- 1950
Wyatt Knight (actor)- 1955
Kij Johnson (author)- 1960
Rainn Wilson (actor)- 1966
Geoffrey Thorne (writer)- 1970
Aaron Harberts (writer, producer)- 1973
Ian Nunney (actor)- 2010

Bairbre Dowling (actor)- 2016
David G. Hartwell (author)- 2016
Richard Merrifield (actor)- 2018

January 21

Star Trek Lives!, the first major Star Trek Convention, begins (1972)

Actor Abraham passes away (1988) at the age of 91.

Episode Premieres
VOY- Message in a Bottle (1998)
ENT- Proving Ground (2004)
ENT- Observer Effect (2005)
DISCO- Vaulting Ambition (2018)

Notable Events
Star Trek Lives! (first major convention) opens
in New York (january 21-23, 1972)

Gary Perconte (writer)- 1950
Eurlyne Epper (stunt person)- 1960
Thomas Small (foley artist)- 1963
Keno Deary (background actor)- 1972
Leslie Hoffman (stunt person)- year unknown
Doug Jung (writer, actor)- year unknown

Abraham Sofaer (actor, voive actor)- 1988
Bernie Bielawski (background actor)- 2000
Steve Susskind (actor)- 2005

January 22

Actor James Drake born (1932) in Constantine, MI.

Actor Olivia d’Abo born (1969) in Paddington, London, England.

Episode Premieres
VOY – Alliances (1996)

Michael Rougas (actor)- 1931
James Drake (background actor)- 1932
Bill Varney (sound)- 1934
Seymour Cassel (actor)- 1935
Dick Scotter (actor)- 1940
Jophery C. Brown (stunt person)- 1945
Steve Vinovich (actor)- 1945
Velton Ray Bunch (composer)- 1948
Tory Christopher (background actor)- 1961
Joel Goodness (actor)- 1962
Debbie Grattan (actor) 1962
Olivia d’Abo (actor)- 1969
Stephen Wozniak (actor)- 1971
Jon Lee Brody (background actor)- 1984

Allen Pinson (stunt person)- 2006
Jean Simmons (actor)- 2010
Leslie Frankenheimer (set decorator)- 2013

January 23

Voice actor Bart La Rue born (1932) in Abilene, TX.

Actor Emily Banks born (1932) in Norfolk, VA.

Episode Premieres
TNG- The Schizoid Man (1989)
VOY- Parallax (1995)
ENT- Dear Doctor (2002)

Susan French (actor)- 1912
Herb Hazelton (art department, voice actor)- 1930
Bart La Rue (voice actor)- 1932
Emily Banks (actor)- 1933
Lou Antonio (actor)- 1934
Richard Evans (actor)- 1935
Greg Hildebrandt (comic book artist)- 1939
Charles Correll (cinematographer, background actor)- 1944
Barry Lynch (actor, voice actor)- 1944
Hoyt Yeatman (visual effects)- 1955
Patrick Kerr (actor)- 1956
Bobby Aldridge (stunt person)- 1966
Marci Brickhouse (actor)- 1968
Adam Kane (director)- 1968
Claire Rankin (actor)- 1971
Lanei Chapman (actor)- 1973
Sonita Henry (actor)- 1977

Ian Wolfe (actor)- 1992
Bill Zuckert (actor)- 1997
Arthur Bernard (actor)- 2001
David M. Ronne (sound)- 2007
Barrie Ingham (actor)- 2015
Robert Harper (actor)- 2020

Episode Premieres
TOS- That Which Survives (1969)
DS9- Babel (1993)
VOY- Lineage (2001)
DISCO- New Eden (2019)

John McLiam (actor)- 1918
Jerry Maren (background actorr)- 1920
Johnny Mandell (background actor)- 1942
David Gerrold (writer, author)- 1944
Carlos Yeaggy (make-up artist)- 1954
Amick Byram (actor)- 1955
Mark S. Server (sound recordist)- 1958
Michael Tierney (actor)- 1965
Noriko Olling (pianist)- 1966
Phil LaMarr (voice actor)- 1967
Rekha Sharma (actor, podcaster)- 1970
Sash Striga (actor)- 1995

Richard C. Datin, Jr. (model maker)- 2011
Mark Watson (background actor)- 2017

Episode Premieres
TNG- Angel One (1988)
TNG- Ship in a Bottle (1993)

Jack Axelrod (actor)- (1930)
Gregory Sierra (actor)- 1937
Leigh Taylor-Young (actor)- 1945
Richard Poe (actor)- 1946
Diane Salinger (actor)- 1951
Ruth Williamson (actor)- 1954
Alex Nevil (actor)- 1965
Tim Walston (sound engineer)- 1969
Mia Kirshner (actor)- 1975
Lidia Sabljic (background actor)- 1975

Dick Crockett (stunt person)- 1979
Tom Pedigo (set decoractor)- 2000
Jerry Greenwood (special effects)- 2004
Kim Manners (director)- 2009

Episode Premieres
TOS- Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967)
VOY- Virtuoso (2000)

Kathryn Leigh Scott (actor)- 1943
Deep Roy (actor)- 1949
Tracy Middendorf (actor)- 1970
Cyia Batten (actor)- 1972
Akihiro Haga (stunt person)- 1981
Daniel Asa Henson (actor)- 1990

Guy Raymond (actor)- 1997
A.E. van Vogt (science fiction writer)- 2000
Cameron McCulloch (sound mixer)- 2004
Ian Abercrombie (actor)- 2012
Richard Arnold (research consultant)- 2021

Episode Premieres
TNG- Hero Worship (1992)
DS9- The Begotten (1997)
VOY- Bride of Chaotica! (1999)

Marc Daniels (writer, director)- 1912
Corky Randall (animal trainer)- 1929
James Cromwell (actor)- 1940
Steve Leialoha (comic book artist)- 1952
Mart McChesney (actor)- 1954
Frank Miller (comic book artist)- 1957
Susanna Thompson (actor)- 1958
Julie Caitlin Brown (actor)- 1961
Sonia Hillios (comic book and novel cover painter)- 1961
Richard Starkings (comic book letter artist)- 1962
Floyd, Lloyd and Troy Weaver [triplets] (actors)- 1964
Tamlyn Tomita (actor)- 1966
Jim Moorhouse (actor)- 1967
Trampas Thompson (stunt person)- 1971
Alan Gratz (novelist)- 1972
Miho Suzuki (make-up artist)- 1973
Katie Soo (actor)- 1985

Tige Andrews (actor)- 2007
Claude Binyon, Jr. (assisant director)- 2007

Episode Premieres
TNG- The Wounded (1991)
ENT- Babel One (2005)
DISCO- What’s Past Is Prologue (2018)

Arnold Moss (actor)- 1910
John Chandler (actor)-1935
Darryl Henriques (actor)- 1942
John Beck (actor)- 1943
Susan Howard (actor)- 1943
Harry Williams, Jr. (background actor)- 1969
Gillian Vigman (voive actor)- 1972
Jace Jeanes (stunrt person)- 1977
Nathan A. Aronson (production assistant)- 1978
James Van Over (scenis artist)- year unknown

Marj Dusay (actor)- 2020
Dyanne Thorne (actor)- 2020

Episode Premieres
TNG- The High Ground (1990)
DS9- Crossfire (1996)
VOY- Threshold (1996)
VOY- Coda (1997)

Albert Henderson (actor)- 1915
Marl Young (pianist)- 1917
Jim Rugg (special effects artist)- 1919
Mark Dempsey (actor)- 1936
Tom Huff (stunt person)- 1943
Ansuya Rathor (background actor)- 1976
Jessica D. Stone (actor)- 1990
Adam Lieberman (actor)- year unknown

Boris Sobelman (writer)- 1971
Barbara Townsend (actor)- 2002
Ron Feinberg (voive actor)- 2005

Episode Premieres
TNG- Unnatural Selection (1989)
DS9- Armageddon Game (1994)
DS9- Life Support (1995)
VOY- Time and Again (1995)
ENT- Sleeping Dogs (2002)

David Opatoshu (actor)- 1918
Alan Bernard (sound mixer)- 1934
Jean-Paul Vignon (actor)- 1935
Robert Wiemer (director)- 1938
Gregory Benford (science consultant)- 1941
Jerry Sroka (actor)- 1946
Sheldon Collins (actor)- 1955
Abdullah bin al-Hussein (background actor)- 1962
Daphne Ashbrook (actor)- 1963
Chad Haywood (actor)- 1980

Mack Reynolds (author)- 1983
Herb Kenwith (director)- 2008
Dick Miller (actor)- 2019

Episode Premieres
TOS- The Lights of Zetar (1969)
DS9- Captive Pursuit (1993)
TNG- Sub Rosa (1994)
VOY- Repentance (2001)
DISCO- Point of Light (2019)

Carey Loftin (stunt person) 1914
Norm Prescott (voice actor)- 1927
Jean Simmons (actor)- 1929
Gene DeWeese (author)- 1934
Jonathan Banks (actor)- 1947
Cristine Rose (actor)- 1951
Jessie Biscardi (background actor)- 1954
Robin Bonaccorsi (stunt person)- 1962
David Oliver (actor)- 1962
Matt McColm (stunt person)- 1965
Al Goto (stunt person)- 1972
Hiro Koda (stunt person)- 1974
Billy MacLellan (actor)- 1974
Paul Scheer (voive actor) 1976

Gary Nardino (producer) 1998
Gil Kane (comic book author and artist)- 2000
Lee Bergere (actor)- 2007

Episode Premieres
TNG- 11001001 (1988)
TNG- Aquiel (1993)

Paul Carr (actor)- 1934
Joseph M. Wilcots (cinematographer)- 1939
Bibi Besch (actor, audiobook voice)- 1940
Bill Mumy (actor)- 1954
David Wise (writer, script editor)- 1955
Ron Frenz (comic book artist)- 1960
Kaitlin Hopkins (actor)- 1964
Steve Larson (actor)- 1964
John Harrington Bland (actor)- 1968
Nicole Frank (hair stylist)- 1969
Lauren Kim (stunt person)- 1981
Keaton Kramer (visual effects artist)- 1990

Jack T. Collis (production designer)- 1998
John Vernon (voive actor)- 2005
Robin Sachs (actor)- 2013

Episode Premieres
TOS- Court Martial (1967)
TOS- A Private Little War (1968)
VOY- Memorial (2000)

In Universe
Data activated in Omnicrom Theta

David Sharpe (actor)- 1910
Alden McWilliams (comic book artist)- 1916
Robert Mandan (actor)- 1932
Tony Jay (actor)- 1933
Terrence Beasor (voice actor)- 1935
John Mahon (actor)- 1938
Linda Harcharic (background actor)- 1947
Brent Spiner (actor)- 1949
Cassandra Byram (actor)- 1956
Paul Hill (digital effects editor)- 1958
Kirk Baily (actor, voice actor)- 1963
D.C. Douglas (actor, voice actor)- 1966
Jenny Lumet (writer, producer)- 1967
Travis Charest (comic book artist)- 1969
Oz Perkins (actor)- 1974
Joel Harlow (actor, makeup artist)- year unknown

Bernard Kates (actor)- 2010
Michael Fleisher (comic book writer)- 2018

Episode Premieres
TNG- Violations (1992)
DS9- For the Uniform (1997)
DS9- The Emperor’s New Cloak (1999)
VOY- Gravity (1999)

Richard L. Jefferies (author)- 1923
John Fiedler (actor)- 1925
Jerry Summers (stunt person)- 1931
Stephen Mines (actor)- 1939
Stephen McHattie (actor)- 1947
Time Winters (actor)- 1956
Greg Stuhl (model maker)- 1957
Joe Bennett (comic book artist)- 1968
Matt Winston (actor)- 1970

John Miranda (actor)- 2015
Doug Knapp (director of photography)- 2020

Episode Premieres
TNG- Devil’s Due (1991)
DS9- Who Mourns for Morn? (1998)
ENT- Stratagem (2004)
ENT- United (2005)
DISCO The War Without, War Within (2018)

Frank P. Keller (editor)- 1913
John Schuck (actor)- 1940
Steve Gawley (model maker)- 1952
Richard Lineback (actor)- 1952
Don Davis (composer)- 1957
Pamelyn Ferdin (actor)- 1959
Jenette Goldstein (actor, voice actor)- 1960
Jim O’Heir (actor)- 1962
Craig Gilmore (comic book artist)- 1969
Skye Dent (writer)- 1970
Christine Ebadi (stunt person)- 1981
Michael Wajacs (background actor)- year unknown

Maggie Ostroff (editor)- 2008
Betty Hankins (background actor)- 2016

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